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At TravelnTours we are passionate about the travel industry and its future, which is why we offer outstanding products and excellent service!  We want to exceed our customers’ each and every expectation.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is the reason the majority of our customers repeatedly use our services.


Our experienced agents works hard to accommodate all your needs and to exceed all your expectations.  

Anelle Behr

Anelle Behr

I started an independent travel agency six years ago. My business plan was to create great, high-quality products at reasonable prices and provide them in a caring and supportive manner. We not only build most of our package ourselves, we also source quality products directly from our overseas suppliers: two features that make TravelnTours unique in the travel industry in South Africa. This seemingly simple business plan has ensured that the company has grown continuously from the start.

My goal is to provide customer satisfaction through competitive prices, exceptional service and post-sales support for all your travel requirements. We are partnered with a major travel consortium in Cape Town, which gives us buying power and enables us to negotiate wholesale contracts.

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